Occidental culture

Many ILP members post no or a few posts, and a few ILP members post many posts.



5009 ILP members (69.10%) have posted no or less than 10 posts. Not more than 1435 ILP members (19.80%) have posted 10-99 posts. But merely 805 ILP members (11.10%) have posted 100 or more than 100 posts.

That's interesting, isn’t it?

Most of those who have posted a few posts use these few posts as „sock puppets“.

The most ILP members are subjectivists.

Denying the reality seems to be a popular „sport“ on ILP

How many ILP members are paid ILP members?

Language is not only relevant for communication, but also for e.g. expression without any communication partner.

Also, communication can be misused.

Communication is not only used, but also misused, especially for power, control. And that is absolutely relevant for all living beings.

So, ILP is an example too. The misuse of communication can be find in each ILP thread.

I am not saying that each kind of strategizing has to do with lying and faking. I am saying that lying and faking have to do with strategizing. Do you know anyone who uses a lie without a streategy behind it?

Statistically said, the most ILP members are here because of TALK, not because of philosophy.

Rank Subforum Title of the Thread Views Replies
1 Off Topic
(Non Philosophical Chat)
Word Association III 683894 16332
2 Official: Post a Picture of Yourself 363784 3886
3 What are you doing? 344239 10532
4 A thread for mundane ironists 274281 5683
5 My lack of posts 253065 52
6 Introduce yourself here 214709 1592
7 Soc., Gov., Economics The Feminization of Man 212223 3002
8 Psychology and Mind „Mental“ Illness ... 158080 2650
9 Philosophy Will machines completely replace all human beings? ** ** 139380 2162

Rank 1-6 Off Topic Subforums 2,033,972 Views 38,077 Replies
Rank 7-9 Other Subforums 509,683 Views 7,814 Replies

All first 9 Ranks 2,643,655 Views = 100% 45891 Replies = 100%
Rank 1-6 Off Topic Subforums 2,133,972 Views = 80.72% 38,077 Replies = 82.97%
Rank 7-9 Other Subforums 509,683 Views = 19.28% 7,814 Replies = 17.03%

This seems to be according to the Pareto distribution again.

The 80% are the effect of the 20%. So, the 80% are here because of the 20%.

According to the Pareto distribution, 20% of those who have income pay 80% of the income tax; 20% of the employees of a company are responsible for 80% of the profit; 20% of the products of a supermarket represent 80% of the sales; 20% of the scientists get 80% of the quotations, 20% of the scientists write 80% of the scientific texts. And just: 80% of the links on the internet point to 20% of the webpages. So the 80%/20% distribution concerns the world wide web as well. 20% of all internet links attrac 80% of all internet links.

80% of all ILP posts exist because of the fact that 20% of all ILP posts exist. 20% of all ILP posts deliver 80% of all really philosophical (which are few) ILP posts. And if we assume that the number of the ILP main-posters (those ILP members who are mainly posting, regardless in which of the ILP subforums) is about 40, then 32 (80%) out of 40 (100%) main-posters post on ILP because of 8 (20%) out of 40 (100%) main-posters. This also means that this 8 ILP members are the only ones who really deserve to be called „philosophers“. But perhaps the number of the ILP main-posters is not 40, but 20, so that merely 4 ILP members are the only ones who really deserve to be called „philosophers“.

I estimate that the average number of the really philosophical ILP posts per day is about 1.5.

Before becoming astouned, you should note that this „1.5 ILP posts per day“ also mean „more than 9000 ILP posts since the bginning of ILP in 2001“.


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