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Children and Homeopathy

Gudrun Brune Text by Gudrun Brune Gudrun Brune

Maybe each time your child got a cough, it gets an antibiotic?

Maybe you realized already that your child gets less resistable after each chest infection than it was before, or that the symptoms the illness shows become stronger every time?

So it will need more and more antibiotics, which are of course not only affecting the chest and its organs, they are affecting the functions of the whole body.The side-effects of individual drugs are often startling enough. Research has shown that during a stay in a hospital patients receive an average of nine different medicaments. The unknown effects of numerous medicines given together to an already disordered physiology might be frightening.

A homoeopath doesn't prescribe one medicine for a child's cough, another one to treat the fever and a third one against the 'neurodermatitis', if these symptoms appear at the same time.The use of a single medicine at the time is a basic principle of Homoeopathy.

The homoeopath assumes that, although a child might have numerous physical and psychological symptoms, it has only one desease, one underlying susceptibility.

Using the right one medicine, right for that time in a child's life,whether the condition is acute or chronic, effectively stimulates the natural defense system, helps to heal the current illness and raises the general level of health.

Essential is also the principle of the minimum number of doses, given from that medicine. Hahnemann strongly believed in the importance of this principle and felt that the patients self-healing power is so strong that only a small stimulous is needed to start the healing-process. Once the healing-process begins, it is best to do nothing more but let the process continue in its own way. Since the medicines are catalysts to the body's own defence, continual repetition is not needed. In the treatment of chronic illnesses months or sometimes years can pass before reintroducing a remedy.

Most young people and especially children respond very quickly to a single dose of a remedy in a high potency. That's why I like to work with children, because they react really phantastic to homoeopathic remedies and I can be sure that it doesn't have side-effects, that it is safe, gentle, and that it lasts.

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