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Gudrun Brune Text by Gudrun Brune Gudrun Brune

Besides classical Homoeopathy I'm practising Foot-Reflexology as well.

Reflex-zones of the feet are final points of nervs which are connected to from these points distant parts of the body. The nervs of most organs have final points in the feet.

Through massage of the reflex-zones a better blood-circulation of the zone and its connected organ will be reached.

An example: If you massage your middle toes (= reflex-zones of the middle fingers) you will notice after a short time that the middle fingers are warmer and better blood-supplied than the other fingers.

A good blood-circulation of the organs is most important because blood is the carrier for all substances, which are essential to live, oxygene, hormons, antibodies and waste-products.

All disorders and injuries of organs and muscles can only be cured with a sufficient blood-circulation!

That means, the better the blood-circulation is, the faster the healing process will be.

By pressing a reflex-zone one feels more or less big indurations. They are deposits, uric acid crystals and other slags, which build up only on oarts with a deranged blood-circulation. According to the size of the slags the blood-circulation of the connected organ is more or less disturbed. There is an interaction between organ and reflex-zone. Either the organ or the reflex-zone can be destroyed first. If after an accident the organ is destroyed, after a few minutes the reflex-zone of that organ reacts with pain when pressed. Or if the reflex-zone is deranged first (e.g. with too small or tide shoes, high heels, thick soles), it affects the function of the connected organ in a negative way.

On the reflex-zone even the smallest disorder is registered. But because every big disorder starts small, it should be very useful and important not to wait too long to treat it.

So Foot-Reflexology is help for diagnosis as well as therapy for a better blood-circulation of the organs.

But not at last a massage of the foot-reflex-zones means relaxation of the whole body and an improvement of wellness.

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