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Law of Similiars

Gudrun Brune Text by Gudrun Brune Gudrun Brune

„Through examination, thinking and experience I found, that on the contrary to the old Allopathy the true, right, best healing is to find in the sentence: 'Choose, to heal gentle, fast, sure and lasting in every case of illness such medicine which can cause a similiar desease to that one which it shall cure'. This way of healing nobody taught before, nobody explained it. But if truth is only in this way, how one will agree, so I expect that although it didn't get accepted through ages, one will find traces of it in all ages.“

(after Samuel Hahnemann, Organon of Healing)

Samuel Hahnemann came up with an unbelievable thesis: A substance which causes suffering should be able to bring health? Hahnemann realized the Law of Similiars when he studied the effects of quinine. There he noticed physical reactions of his body which were similiar to Malaria.

The homoeopath prescribes a remedy according to the Law of Similiars: „Like cures like“ or „that which make sick shall heal“.

I give you an example:

There is a patient with burning pain in the stomach, he feels very cold, very thirsty, is full of fears and doesn't want to be left alone. This are exactly the symptoms one would get from an arsenic-intoxication, if one takes a poisonous dose of arsenic, an overdose.

The Law of Similiars means now that the symptoms caused by an overdose of a substance are the symptoms which can also be cured with a small dose of this substance.

In that special case the homoeopath would prescribe a highly diluted form of arsenic to cure the patient.

And that is what happens: With the homoeopathic remedy the body gets a sort of artificial desease on top of those symptoms which it shows already. So it has to make an even bigger effort to mobilize its self-healing powers to fight the symptoms. The symptoms caused by the remedy disappear after a short time, but the body made itself stronger then to fight the desease.

That explains as well why some people feel first a bit tired and need to rest after taking a homoeopathic remedy. Or the symptoms become worse for a few days. These reactions show that the remedy is working and that a process of self-healing has begun, Of course different people react in different ways, so some people might feel well immediately.

There are more than 200 years of positive experience with homoeopathic remedies. In this time you can learn a lot about a substance and its effects. That is different from Allopathy,where medicaments change all the time and where the side-effects of them are not really known. „Allopathy“ means conventional medicine, the opposite of Homoeopathy. „Allos“ = „the other“, whereas „homois“ means „the same“. The allopath prescribes a medicament which kills the symptoms but it doesn't make the body able to fight them successfully in the future. The homoeopath, however, is trying to find a remedy whose drug-effect is similiar to the symptoms of the desease.

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