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Homoeopathy is not a herbal medicine and homoeopathic remedies are not all based on natural substances. They come from different sources, most from plants, but as well from minerals, metals, even poisonous substances which have been used medicinally for generations.

Important to the homoeopath is not only the choice of the right remedy but the choice of its right 'potency'.

The raw material becomes a homoeopathic potency by dilution and succussion (vigorous shaking) in a solution of alcohol and water. E.g. to get a C1-potency, one part of the original substance and 99 parts of alcohol and water get succussed hundred times. For a C2-potency one part of the C1-dilution get succussed hundred times...........This can be done up to a C50000 or higher.

Homoeopaths have found, in fact, that generally the more a substance is potentized (=diluted and succussed) the deeper it acts, the longer it acts and the fewer number of doses is required in treatment. Although the higher potencies -those that have been diluted and succussed more- are generally more powerful than the lower potencies, all have a place in clinical practice. Lower potencies are more often used in acute physical condition in first aid. The higher a potency gets, the more effect it has on the patients mental and emotional conditions. They should only be taken when prescribed by a homoeopath.

Potentization is probably the most controversal part in the homoeopathic method. Many scientists believe thatthat no medicine diluted more than a C12-potency could have any biochemical effect, since it is improbable that any molecules of the original substance remain.

Many observers suggest that, in fact, the benefits of homoeopathic medicines are due to the placebo-effect. Evidence to the contrary are the impressive clinical successes homoeopaths have had treating serious infectious illnesses, such as cholera, yellow-fever or whooping cough; as well as seriously ill infants,also unconscious people and all sorts of animals, who are presumably not responsive to the 'placebo-effect'.

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