N E X T   E U R O P E A N   W A R S

Maybe there will be such wars between US(SR), EU(SSR) on the one side and Russia, India, China on the other side or in a different constellation or even with other nations or empires. But do nations or empires still play that role they played in the past? And who always wins in nihilistic (“modern”) times? Not nations or empires.

After the ascending United States of America and the descending British Empire had bombed Europe (especially Germany and robbing it, cp. the robbed patents, knowledge, scientists and technicians [by blackmailing them], and - amongst much others - territories [cp. the forced displacement of about 20,000,000 Germans] and the whole gold of the German Reich) the United States of America have been bombing it with immigrants because thatt will weaken it sooner or later. Why should we again defence the USA by sacrificing all European people?

Many of those immigrants and many of the indigenous Europeans have already built an alliance (a “colored“ alliance that units these very different humans because of the fact that they have the same enemy) and try to continue and reinforce the so-called “permanent revolution” by their terror, “civil war”. Why should we tolerate or even accept that?

I think many of the people of the US and many other countries outside from Europe do not know enough about Europe. And what they are told by the media, is largely lie.

The Holy Roman Empire of German Nation lasted 1000 years - exactly from 843 (treaty of Verdun) to 1806 (during the Napoleonic wars). And b.t.w.: Metternich was not Austrian but German, he was born in Koblenz; but that doesn’t matter very much because Austria had been a part of Germany until 1866 - and again from 1938 to 1945 as you probably know, for example: Hitler was an Austrian, he was born in Braunau (Inn). Since the end of the Second World War the Austrians have been confusing Metternich with Hitler () and saying Metternich was an Austrian and Hitler a German, although the reverse is true.

There were more than one attempt in the European history to form an European Union, and any time it was Germany that did the first step. The EU we now have is a product of six countries: West-Germany, France, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg.

Earlier, in the end of the 19th and in the early 20th century the German government and the German Kaiser Wilhelm II. were going to build something like an European Union, then the First World War startet and the hope was destroyed. Cui bono? The idea of an European Union is good but it has to work. The current European Union doesn’t work well. So it has to be reformed - soon - or it is going to decay. Cui bono?“

What the German government started at that time was almost the same that Europe got later, after the two world wars, but it was just the beginnig of the First World War that destroyed this European Union, as if there were interests to prevent it (and such interests existed, especially in England).

The German Hanse or other Städtebünde (associations of cities in Germany and Italy) were the first attempts of creating something like an European Union. The project of an European Union has always had proponents and opponents. The last powerful European opponent was the British Empire. No wonder that there was no possibility for an European Union before the British Empire ended. The German Empire was no European opponent but the most powerful proponent, and - of course - the most powerful rival of the British Empire. The profiteer of the rivalry between the British and the German Empire was the USA - that is the reason why the Dollar Empire could be formed. So the current most powerful European opponent is the USA as a Dollar Empire, and merely other than economic unions with the USA are no European opponents, for example the NATO. So the NATO is important also for Europe; but again: I don’t want such an aggressive NATO, and I also don’t want the hierarchical structure the NATO has. We should reform the NATO, change it from an aggressive and unilateral into a defending and multilateral military union.

Economy and military belong more together than many people believe.

Economy and military are very closely connected with each other. Almost all wars have their causes in economy.

My thesis is: If the NATO partners are enemies, then the NATO is either useless, or very schizophrenic, or both; so one of the consequences must be the end of the NATO.

My opinion is: The occidental culture needs something like a military alliance but not an aggressive one like the NATO. My opinion is is not yet an ingredient of my thesis. If it were, then I could not so easily speak about the end of the NATO as a consequence but would suggest to reform the NATO in order to prevent the end of the NATO.

Economy and military are very closely connected with each other

Will there be war in Europe before 2050? ** **

Yes, you don't have all the facts. After bombing Europe (especially Germany and robbing it, cp. the robbed patents, knowledge, scientists and technicians [by blackmailing them], and - amongst much others - territories [cp. the forced displacement of about 20,000,000 Germans] and the whole gold of the German Reich) you have been bombing it with immigrants because (you know) that it will weaken it sooner or later. Why should we again defence the USA by sacrificing all European people?

The EU and the US are economical enemies (and that is something different, isn’t it?). And furthermore: Germany and the US (as well as 99% of the world) are military enemies because there is no peace treaty for the Second World War (cui bono?). This all is absolutely schizophrenic but true. The historical facts do not lie. Humans lie.

If we are not careful, we will soon experience a Third World War or something like a civil war which is even beastlier than a world war.

The harbringers, the heralds are already everywhere, the agitators are on their „stage“. „Will there be war in Europe before 2050?“ (**|**) - that is my question, and sometimes I think I should have asked: „Will there be war in Europe before 2030?

The national parliaments have no power anymore because they have given their power to the dictators of the EU. The problem is the EU itself.

The main problem of the EU is the EU itself. The EU is a dictatorship. Nobody is allowed to select the rulers of the EU. They and the global bankers give the instructions and orders. Merkel did not say that (for example) the Greek must have the Euro. She tries to bind all countries of the Euro system and to extend the EU. Not only to you but also to me, this is the wrong politics, but who would do it in a different (perhaps: better) way than she does? She is not mainly responsible for the guidelines and principles. The EU and the bankers are mainly responsible for that. And if you now say that she is lying „in bed“ (**) with them, then I can tell you that the other national politicians of Europe are also lying in bed with them and do nothing else. The EU problem is not mainly a national Problem, because the EU is not a nation but an empire.

The EU is not „part of the problem“ (**), the EU is the problem!

Germany is stronger than Italy or France, even stronger than Italy and France togehter. See, the problem is that the economical and political power is not equally distributed. So the most powerful one has to manage it. Okay, „Germany should relax a bit now“ (**), but there is definitely no alternative - except the end of the Euro system and probably even the end of the EU. Okay, as far as I'm concerned.

Okay, I don't want to take your illusions about Italy and France away. But they are not able to do what you want them to do. And what will happen after the end of the Euro or even the EU? I guess: War! Maybe there will be war anyway. But I don't like wars, especially civil wars. Maybe I will not experience it, but my children and all the other occidental humans who are now young will probably experience it, and I don't want them to experience it.

Maybe one of the more peaceful solutions which can lead to the end of the Euro system or even to the end of the EU could be that either Germany or France would leave the Euro system or even the EU. France will not do it because its insolvency will soon lead to war, probably civil war. Germany will not do it because the German government as the enemy of the most German people will punish - for example: jail - all those Germans, and then something like a civil war will happen as well as it will in the case of France. Maybe the best solution for the end of the Euro system or even the end of the EU would be, if we started there where it currenly suffers: at the Euro system. Greece should leave the Euro System, but that would not be enough; some other countries should follow, for example also Italy, and that would probably lead to a rethink in the„heads“ of the EU rulers. So, step by step, this could lead to the complete end of the Euro system, and maybe to even more. At least, this would be a more peaceful way than most of the other ways. But I guess that the EU dictators will "help" those „deserters“, thus - in reality - they will kill them.

Reportedly, there is a discussion about the division of the Euro (€) into a North-Euro and a South-Euro. If the US (which are similar to the EU anyway), Canada, and Mexico will divide their Amero into a North Amero and a South Amero, then Mexico will have to play the same role the countries of the probably coming South Euro play in the case of the Euro.

In order to prevent or circumvent such a division, they will probably implement the Globo. They will say: „See, the Euro and the Amero do not work, and therefore we need the Globo.“

Before the Euro was established, it was known that the the South Europeans would get problems with the Euro! Most humans do not learn from history. That is the problem!

Do you think that humans do what history has taught them?
Mostly they do what others want them to do, regardless whether it is reasonable or not.
The governments in Canada, USA, and Mexico will probably not reasonably decide. They will decide what the real rulers want them to decide. It is alomost a safe bet that the Amero will be established without a general support, without a real majoritarian support.

Europeans averagely see guns all 70 or 80 years - when the rulers bring their war to Europe.

I was told - many years ago - that two cities in the US with almost the same number of inhabitants had very different criminal statistics because they had different gun laws: one city had a very high crime rate and a very strict / tight gun law, while the other city had a low crime rate and a lax / slack gun law.

First of all, the reasons for wars to happen are always given just because of the nature of living beings in general and of human beings in particular. Secondly, econimical wars as several forms of extreme „competitions“ are typical for the modern „humanity“ and always accompanied by media wars (you can even see it here on ILP). Thirdly, the kind of war I am most afraid of is the so-called „civil war“, and this kind of war is what Europe will probably have to face. The contradictional politics of and between Europe and the USA are one of the main reasons why Europe will probably have to face a civil war. I just said „probably“, thus not „certainly“. But the probability is not low.

If you can't defeat your enemy economically, then defeat him demographically. And if you will have defeated him demographically, then it will soon be easy to defeat him economically too. This implies the high probability of a civil war.

Again: I did not say that it is certain but merely probable that there will be war in Europe before 2050.

By the way the current US debt:
US national debt: $ 18 320 000 000 000.
US debt per taxpayer $ 154 500.
US debt per citizen: $ 57 000.
(Cp. US Debt Clock)

Destroy the motor of a car, and this car will not function anymoe.
Destroy Germany as the motor of the EU and the Eurozone, and the EU and Eurozone will not function anymoe.

Since the wars in Central and Southwest Asia and in Africa that are caused by the USA and Israel the number of immigrants in Germany has increased gigantically.
Since the beginning of the huge problems in Greece Germany's debts have also increased gigantically.
This obviously never ending demographical and economical war will lead to the fact that the EU and Eurozone will not function anymoe.

And this can't be in the interest of all Europeans.

The NATO was formed as an alliance of defense, and now it has nothing at all to do with defense but exclusively with aggression.

Yes, we already have humanism, thus: much more wars than ever before and especially much more terrible / terroristic wars than ever before.

War has much to do with the market and is one of the most profitable businesses, probably the most profitable business.

Did the US or the EU or the communist Merkel (CDU = Communistic Dictatorship Union) herself already bring the war to Europe by letting the islam-fascistic conquerers in?

The European fight modern military wars all around the world, but they do it not on their own but in function of the USA as the leader of the NATO. And the Europeans have been forgetting to defend Europe for so long (too long?).

Fortress Europe, before it is too late.

Not some Euroapean nations but the whole Europe has lost the 31 years lasting World War (I and II). The US and the SU (Soviet Union) have one it, but the latter lost the so-called „Cold War“ which the former won also. Now, the problem the US faces is similar to the problem the US faced before the begin of the WW1 and before the begin of the WW2. This similarities are very obvious. So we will have war pretty soon.).

„After having put all the european countries in deep red ink, ECB blows €400billion on »Brexit Black Friday« bank bailouts... and who is paying for this: taxpayers/consumers who will see their purchasing power going down even more.“ **

Who is paying for this? The German taxpayers - as always.

Europe has become too different and thus too problematic because of the East-extension (May 2004). This was foreseeable because of the European history.

But extension is something that no super-organism (the EU is such a super-organism) can really refuse - politicians belittle this by using the word „practical constraint“ („Sachzwang“). So the EU has got a problem which has to do with overstretching. It has been overstretched since the Euro and the East-expansion. At the latest.

Europe has no chance to come together, if the poblems are not solved. Again: The Holy Roman Empire of German Nation existed for more than 1000 years. No other political entity has reached such a great age - except the unholy Imperium Romanum that has reached the same age.

Globalists are in Europe too. Europeans would have to become absolutely capable of defending themselves and their whole territory. War is lucrative, and many actors, especially the most powerful ones - the Globalists -, know that they will benefit, become more powerful or at least remain powerful.

So I guess that Europe will probably remain relatively passive and weak, in an oddly awaiting position, then be coerced into war pretty soon (at least long before 2050), and the result will be a huge loss and a huge chaos. The beginning of it can alraedy be seen (although many people do not want to see it, because they shall not want to see it - which means that this first little circle is complete, because the plan of the Globalists is reached again).

„Islam's incorporation into Europe, as it is right now, is too forced and quick, meaning that someone is pushing for war. (A war which will benefit US).“ (** ). Yes. And it is also true that that war will benefit the US (like other wars did before).

Life is the resistance to or struggle against entropy, and culture is the resistance to or struggle against anarchy. Both can merely be temporarily successful.

In the following video (**), Helmuth Nyborg (**) points out the clear relationship between distance from the equator and both brain size and intelligence. At or close to the equator, the average IQ is 69, whereas at a latitude of 54 degrees the average IQ is 98. Nyborg observes that races could logically be classified as „eco-types“ (**), since their traits reflect the ecological niches in which they evolved. He also notes that unlike the North/South gradient in IQ there is no East/West gradient, virtually proving that it is the challenges of a cold climate that have forced northern peoples to evolve higher intelligence and a greater capacity for cooperation. He points out that e.g. Arabs have lower-than-expected IQs relative to the latitudes in which they evolved, probably due to the dysgenic effects of frequent cousin marriages.

Two forces could destroy the Western Civilization. One is a social system that taxes the competent to subsidize the proliferation of the incompetent. As Nyborg notes, „the welfare-state debases what created high civilization in the first place - this is the first time in history that the less fit are reproducing more than the more fit“ (**). At the same time, lower-IQ non-Europeans are pouring into the continent, bringing with them alien practices and religions. Nyborg concludes with a warning: Unless Europeans are able to reverse these two trends, „the result could be the undoing of the Enlightenment - we may be on the precipice of a new dark era“ (**).

My personal fear is that we face civil war.“ - Helmuth Nyborg (cp. in the said video **).

„I personally find that our children deserve a better future than that ....“ - Helmuth Nyborg (cp. in the said video **).

I want to add something to Nyborg’s statements in the said video (**), where Nyborg notes that e.g. „the welfare-state debases what created high civilization in the first place - this is the first time in history that the less fit are reproducing more than the more fit“ (**). We know from e.g. the schoolyard that high-IQ pupils and low-IQ pupils behave very differently. The high-IQ pupils behave in a more reasonable way and think that intelligence is the best way to get success, whereas the low-IQ pupils behave in a more violent way and think that violence is the only way to get success.

The behavior of the high-IQ pupils is very similar to the behavior of the Faustians which Nyborg, referring to Charles Murray’s book „Human accomplishment“ (2003), calls „High Civilization“ / „European Core“ / „males born in a small area of northern Europe“ (the entire area of the Germanic speaking people and the north-northwest area of the Romanic speaking people **), thus: the area where the Occidental culture (a.k.a.: Faustian culture) originated with its soul (according to Spengler: „die faustische Seele“ [„the Faustian soul“]).

What Nyborg describes is a scientifically secured version of the Faustian story / history.

Back to the schoolyard: Very often, the low-IQ pupils win against the high-IQ pupils who are, in addition to that, often called „Streber“ (German) or „nerd“/„geek“ (English). It depends on the number: if low-IQ pupils are many more than the high-IQ pupils, then the high-IQ pupils have no chance to win against the low-IQ pupils. (Then proverbs come true: „The wiser head gives in.“ „The cleverer gives in.“)

Politically said: By welfare and immigration politics, the welfare states help the low-IQ people win against the high-IQ people. What Spengler predicted as „die farbige Weltrevolution“ ([**|**] „the colored world revolution“ [**|**]) has become reality since the end of the second world war or, at the latest, since the end of the cold war. Very likely, this will lead to a civil war, if not to more than a civil war.

The reason why many Faustian people are scared these days is a real threat (!) - not the foreign race of the immigrants or the sex or something like that.

Helmuth Nyborg:

„The Thermodynamic Solar Irradiance Selection (TSIS) Hypothesis:

- The latitudinal reduction in Sun Irradiation and related carrying capacity of cold eco-niches exposed the small bands of genetically quite similar prehistoric northbound migrants to still harsher selection for traits beneficial for survival.
- Among those traits are Brain Size, Intelligence, and Altruistic Sociability, as they all favor in photon-poor, nutritionally bare Northern eco-niches.
- Their heritability will leave modern-day artefacts in the form of North-South gradients in IQ, Brain Size, and Altruistic Sociability.“ **

Helmuth Nyborg:
1.) High Civilization reflects the geo-physics of Cold Ecotypes.
2.) It accordingly will receive little support in Warm Ecotype ereas.
3.) Warm Ecotypes cannot be integrated in modern technological European and Western offshoot countries, except for the few at the high end of the normal distribution of Warm Ecotypes.“ **

If Europeans become a minority, then intelligence (high IQ’s), technology, science, wealthy, democracy, welfare become a minority too, will drop below sustainable levels. All this means stupidness, dark ages, eternal-civil-war-like situations or even the Stone Age again, in the worst case the disappearance of all humans.

There is one main reason, all others are subordinated to it. This one main reason is the decline of the West (cp. Spengler). The negative demographic development, the said „smarmy, smirky people in managerial positions“ (**), the said „objective ... to weaken European power“ (**) are some examples for the consequences of the decline of the West. The weaker you are, the more blackmailable you are. Those who decide to weaken European power (thus: German power) are mostly Europeans or at least of European origin.

Europeans would resist this development, if they were politically unified. But they are not politically unified. The more „EU“ and „Euro“ they get, the less politically unified they are. There are too many powerful people who want to weaken Europe. So the political unification of Europe will probably never happen.

What will happen in Europe is a WAR (**) in order to weaken Europe (thus: Germany). This was the result of the both world wars too. Each result led to more European weakness.

Greetings from Carthage:

Greetings from Carthage

The globalistic phase will end in this or in the next century, I guess, and before its end there will be a lot of terror attacks, a lot of civil wars, wars with atom bomb explosions and other disasters.


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