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In case anyone is interested:


One of the busts costs between $30 and $50.


Where is Joker?

I'm really worried about him. **

Joker's last post is dated February 5, 2021.

I hope you are doing well, Joker.


Anfang wrote:

„Kultur wrote:

»By „rulers“, do you mean (a) those who pose as world rulers, and in a way they are, or (b) those who rule in the countries of the Indo-Germanic (Indo-European) area, e.g. as „politicians“, or (c) both a and b?« ** **

It's difficult to imagine that you are allowed to openly rise to a position of power in Germany or France or Italy and so on... and stay in power, if you don't have the blessings of the international elites. They are all connected and look to perpetuate their interests, monetarily, ideologically, spiritually,...

Which doesn't mean that there are not differences and personalities that sometimes genuinely quarrel but they share a similar basic outlook on life and they seek to perpetuate it.

The most powerful and dominant element within those elites, spiritually they feel like a chosen people and it has been their way of life for thousands of years to live as their own tribe within a host country, never assimilating, having a strong mimetic identity and guarding their mimetic boarders against outsiders. Even speaking their name is "problematic" if you are not one of them. That's how jealously they guard their identity against outsider voices.“ **

I am well aware of all that.

Anfang wrote:

„So I guess c) ?“ **

If that is so, what is left for us to do?


What really covers a very large map is the group of Indo-Germanic (Indo-European) speaking humans.




NACH OBEN 1442) Alf, 16.03.2021, 00:07 (8018)


@ Great Again. ** **

I have found something to go with your post:
The cartographic changes in the world per year: ** .


NACH OBEN 1443) Kathrina, 17.03.2021, 00:11 (8019)


Thank you. **


NACH OBEN 1444) Kultur, 18.03.2021, 04:48; Sleyor Wellhuxwell, 18.03.2021, 17:46, 18:06; Herr Schütze, 18.12.2020, 20:01; Kultur, 18.03.2021, 22:45 (8020-8024)


Anfang wrote:

„Not getting sucked into their world view, preserve your spirit, live your life, tell those who are open to listen to it, apply what you understand to navigate through life.“ **

Yes, that's right (**). That is also what I am doing. But what I meant is something on a higher, broader and deeper level. And there it doesn't look very favorable.

Anfang wrote:

„Top-down solutions, viral solutions, seem to work for deceivers. I'm not able to come up with a grand plan or universal solutions.“ **

A grand or even universal plan is probably too problematic, if you ask me.


Being funny (**) seems to be Otto’s job here on this internet platform.


Mags J. wrote:

„Sleyor Wellhuxwell wrote:

»You (**) are ›not bothered by‹ AI surveillance ›happening‹, but you also demand ›limits to any such installations‹ that have to do with total AI surveillance (?!?). « ** **

I see your point, but I wouldn’t want AI surveillance surveilling me in the privacy of my own home, but outside of my four walls I’d feel safe, with prying AI eyes watching over the activities of the external.“ **

This opinion is probably shared by most people. This is no wonder, because most people are concerned with their freedom on the one hand and their safety on the other. But unfortunately, this is often exploited, so that on the one hand the impression is created that it is about safety, while in reality it is about surveillance, on the other hand the impression is created that it is about freedom, while in reality it is about surveillance.

Mags J. wrote:

„Is it not the responsibility of the State to ensure the safety of its citizens and the detaining of suspected criminals, captured, on their way to do criminal activities?“ **

Yes, but I have a counter question: Are the states in the individual nations really still sovereign? My answer is straightforward: No.


Hallo wieder einmal. Ein frohes neues Jahr wünsche ich noch, falls man im März so etwas noch wünschen darf.

Ich komme auch vom Bauernhof und kann das, was Sie, Walter Roth, gesagt haben, voll und ganz bestätigen. Wir waren fast absolut frei. Niemand hat in unsere Angelegenheiten hineingeredet. Wir waren Selbstversorger wie alle Bauern und auch viele andere Menschen zu der Zeit.

Was uns die Freiheit immer mehr genommen hat, ist das Fortschreiten dessen, was erstmals 1917 sich in einem Staat etablierte - ich meine den Kommunismus sowjetischer Prägung: Terror und Befehl (sie wußten, was sie zu tun hatten, weil sie wußten, was die französischen Jakobiner falsch gemacht hatten: die Herrschaft durch Terror ab einem bestimmten Zeitpunkt begrenzen). Die EU-Politiker wußten und wissen, daß sie so, wie damals die Sowjets, später die Chinesen, Vietnamesen, Kambodschaner und andere vorgegangen sind, nicht vorgehen konnten und können, aber sie wissen, was ihnen durch die Lobby immer mehr bewußt gemacht worden ist, daß sie den globalen Monopolkapitalismus, den die Globalisten mittels Lobbyismus anstreben und bereits fast komplett verwirklicht haben, nicht mehr verhindern können, wenn sie selbst, die fast alle nichts Vernünftiges gelernt haben (schauen Sie sich doch die Biographien heutiger Politiker an!), auch etwas vom „Kuchen“ abbekommen wollen. Mit anderen Worten: Der Kommunsimus ist so durch die Hintertür auch und besonders in die Länder gekommen, die ihn bis zum Ende des „Kalten Krieges“ bekämpft oder zumindest vorgegeben haben, ihn zu bekämpfen. Die gesamte Menschheit ist mittlerweile „sozialisiert“, d.h. im Sinne des Kommunismus in die Abhängigkeit getrieben worden, und es zeigt sich immer mehr, daß dabei die chinesische Variante den Vorzug erhalten hat. Mit dem Kommunismus herrschen heißt unkomplizierter, eben einfacher herrschen. Was das für die Untertanen des Kommunismus bedeutet, kann man sich leicht denken, und genau das sehen wir ja auch immer wieder. Es wird so getan, als müse sich eine Institution (sie muß sich nicht mehr unbedingt „Staat“ nennen) um das „Wohl aller Menschen“ kümmern. Daß dies in Wirklichkeit eine der größten Erniedrigungen, weil die fast hundertprozentige Abschaffung der individuellen Freiheit bedeutet, kann man gar nicht oft genug sagen.

Donald Trump Donald Trump Donald Trump Donald Trump Donald Trump Donald Trump
Ich frage mich auch, was Harald Münzhardt nun so sagt, weil ihm doch jetzt Donald Trump, „Q-Anon“, die angebliche Befreiung durch irgendeine militärische Truppe fehlen. Ich habe ja des öfteren versucht - einige andere auch -, Herrn Münzhardt diese Illusion zu nehmen.

Vielleicht kommt der Zeitpunkt für das, was sich Herr Münzhardt wünscht, ja aber noch, denn schön wär’s ja, nicht wahr?


Viele Grüße.


It is very likely that the censors are behind it.


NACH OBEN 1445) Sleyor Wellhuxwell, 23.03.2021, 00:44, 00:51, 00:56, 00:58 (8025-8028)


Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Biden

„Ingenious troup“.


You (**) are right. It is his (**) way of doing „philosophy“. .... A clear case ....


Security and surveillance go hand in hand on the one hand, but not on the other.

I will give you an example from everyday life that I have experienced myself. Policemen who flashed, i.e. surveilled, motorists in the immediate vicinity of a school after school hours told me, when I asked, that their activity was for the safety of the schoolchildren. I said that the schoolchildren had been at home for hours and asked the policemen why they did not flash motorists at the schoolchildren's homes, because they were now unprotected at home.


That even the (still) world power USA has never been really independent has just been shown by the last US president. He wanted more than he was allowed to do; he could not do it because those who are more powerful than him did not want it and therefore stopped him (election fraud etc.). This was also true for all other presidents; but the last president showed it very clearly, because he was especially unpopular with the real rulers.

The real rulers are private. They do not need to face the public and be active in the state, serving a nation, a people. The losers in this game are the states, the state politicians, the people of the state and all other peoples, all other beings. Emperors and kings no longer have power as in earlier times, presidents, chancellors and prime ministers no longer have power as in earlier times. Money has been determining politics for „some“ time.


NACH OBEN 1446) Kathrina, 24.03.2021, 19:44 (8029)


Not Gib, but him: Ban Sculptor! Sculptor ist the one who is not capable of philosophizing, only capable of using ad hominems in communist command form, of trolling and of stalking. So why should we let someone like him tell us anything? Ban him or, because ILP has no moderation anymore, ignore him!


Marianne and her men have been extremely insulted and therefore are now fighting for the ban of the insulter.

So there is some hope for us.

It is always the same: Sculptor has no other „arguments“ than „AD HOMINEMS“.

And if he is asked about this problem (which is only seldom the case), then he has only excuses, e.g. like now again: "there is no philosophy here" - if he really misses philosophy (what one can doubt very strongly!), then one asks oneself immediately: why does he post here? He does not want philosophy, but a projection surface, a projection surface to get rid of his permanent frustration.


NACH OBEN 1447) Kathrina, 25.03.2021, 00:07; Kultur, 25.03.2021, 00:13, 00:17; Great Again, 25.03.2021, 00:21; Sleyor Wellhuxwell, 25.03.2021, 00:47 01:36 01:36 (8030-8034)


Q.E.D. ** **


A good film for introduction (**).

„Everything that has become is transient.“ - Spengler (translated by me **).
„Everything that is transient is only a parable.“ - Goethe (translated by me **).


Would you (**) subscribe to the last sentence, which says that while Schopenhauer is nihilistic, Buddhism and Nietzsche are not?

As far as nihilism is concerned, Nietzsche went through three stages:

1.) Nietzsche ignored or fought nihilism by revering all that had been handed down from the past to the present as cultural creations.
2.) Now Nietzsche discovered the „time of a great inner decay and disintegration“, in short: the peak of nihilism. Nietzsche understood it as his task to fight out nihilism in himself. As he saw himself, he was „the first perfect nihilist of Europe, who, however, has already lived nihilism itself to the end“. He wanted to reveal, expose and show that and how the present was nihilistic.
3.) At this stage it was important for Nietzsche to affirm life in spite of all the nihilism that continues to be at work. That is why he now saw in nihilism „the most hopeful of all spectacles. Above all, the broken and unmasked morality had to be created anew. The philosopher had to „write new values on new tablets.“ That means: „revaluation of all values“. But this was not to be done out of a belief in a transcendence, but exclusively from man. The „creating, willing, becoming I“ now became the measure and value of all things; the basic value of the new value order: life. The determination to push beyond oneself does not only belong to human existence, for Nietzsche understood it as a basic trait of life, of being in general. Everything that is had for Nietzsche the character of the „will to power“. „What is the world to me? A monster of power, without beginning, without end, which does not consume itself, but only transforms itself - enclosed by nothingness ....“ This life in creating and destroying has nothing to go towards, no purpose and no goal. That is why it is nihilistic in its deepest essence. Thus, affirmation of life ultimately means affirmation of the nihilistic character of life. The highest symbol for this was for Nietzsche the thought of the „eternal return“: everything that has ever been comes again. With it the utmost of nihilism is reached. „Dasein as it is, without meaning or goal, but inevitably recurring, without a finale into nothingness: »the eternal return«. This is the most extreme form of nihilism: nothingness (the meaningless) eternal.“ Nietzsche saw salvation from nihilism in affirming this very meaningless existence and thus creating meaning in the midst of meaninglessness. „A freely ordered spirit stands in the midst of the universe with a joyful and trusting fatalism, believing that only the individual is reprehensible, that in the whole everything redeems and affirms itself - it no longer denies.“ Therefore, the deepest expression of Nietzsche's attitude was the love for fate: „AMOR FATI“.

It can be said that in his second and especially his third stage Nietzsche tried to overcome nihilism, but not that he succeeded. Can one overcome nihilism by affirming life? It can be said that the affirmation of the negating or annihilating, in any case of nihilism does not (yet) mean overcoming. I recall that nihilism is also part of life. Thus, in the end, Nietzsche remained a nihilist - but one who affirmed, no longer denied life and nihilism as before (and like Schopenhauer).

Nihilism destroys and denies. But can and, if so, does nihilism destroy and deny itself too?And how comes nihilism to its end? Does its end come from within or from without or from within and without?

Our nihilism has been going on for almost two and a half centuries now, and I do not think it will end anytime soon.

„There is the possibility of a third and last stage of Western European philosophy: that of a physiognomic skepticism.
The mystery of the world appears successively as a problem of knowledge, a problem of value, a problem of form.
Kant saw ethics as the object of knowledge; the 19th century saw cognition as the object of valuation.
The skeptic would see both merely as historical expressions of a culture.“
(Oswald Spengler, Der Untergang des Abendlandes, 1918, S. 481 **).
Translated by me.


Obsrvr wrote:

Globalisten - Tempel der Hierarchie
„Globalist Klaus Schwab made it clear that transhumanism is an integral part of »The Great Reset« when he said that the fourth industrial revolution would »lead to a fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity,« which in his book he clarifies is implantable microchips that can read your thoughts.“ **

Globalist Klaus Schwab also speaks of a „reconstruction“. When does a reconstruction take place? After a destruction! How does a destruction take place? Through war! And all this worldwide! The globalists have even no more scruples to say this in the public. Of the „transhumanism“ they speak after all also publicly. Everyone can read it on the side of the World Economic Forum. How high, no: how low will the number of humans or „transhumans“ („cyborgs“) be after the biggest war of all times? About 7% of the present number? Or rather even less?“

„You will own nothing, and you will be happy about it.“
(Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum par excellence.)

This is what the survivors among us may still „believe“, „hope“ and „love“, if it goes according to those who call themselves „humanists“ or „philanthropists“ and have enriched themselves at the expense of those who will own nothing more, for more than two centuries and now have so much power that they really have us at ZERO, in communism: equally poor (propertyless, propertyless anyway), equally stupid, equally transhuman, etc.. Education will then consist in not wanting to have and be anything else. Do you need a school for this, if it is also possible by means of AI, genetic engineering and vaccination?

Skynews wrote

„Klaus Schwab is a great admirer of drones, algorithms, the Chinese Communist Party, and believes that a »fourth industrial revolution« is underway that will change what it means to be human, and he peddles this sick fantasy that humans and machines will somehow merge in his green utopia.“ **


Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum, said that „the great reset clears the way for transhumanism.“https://www.ilovephilosophy.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=185562&p=2810213#p2810213


Actually, the „fourth industrial revolution“ is just a logical continuation of the Industrial Revolution. So there are actually not four, but only one of them with subtypes. What Klaus Schwab supports, whether intentionally or not, is a communism which by far surpasses even Orwell's descriptions, e.g. also those of the „thought police“. Why Schwab himself does not shudder at such statements is no wonder in view of the fact that he, who first studied mechanical engineering and later business administration, but never worked with responsibility, is a bureaucrat. There have always been people with the interest to control all other people 100%. It has always been about power. Also there have always been people with an interest in e.g. technical, economic, political etc. feasibilities and realizations. The ideology that is best suited for the political implementation of transhumanism is egalitarianism (communism), because it wants to achieve the total control of all people through its ideology of equality, the principle of equality, the eternal egalitarianism with permanent terror. And when it is said that Schwab's „ideas ... are not only very popular in the USA“, but „also in China, Japan and South Korea ... with the transhumanist ideas his book contains“, then this also means that in these countries communism is obviously very welcome.

Klaus Schwab has named many aspects that should be fulfilled by 2030, and one of them concerns all Western values, which should then be very strongly restricted or even disappear. Schwab and his people know exactly which values (the Western ones) and thus which people (the Western ones) can become expensive and threatening for them. These people stand in their way in the realization of their goals. The Westerners are too intelligent, too inventive, too achievement-oriented, too entrepreneurial, too success-oriented, too industrious, too rich, too middle-class, too individualistic, too freedom-loving. The globalists, although or because they are also of Western origin, prefer non-Western countries, because with them the globalist goals are much easier, uncomplicated, smoother, more effective, less resistant (less dangerous and at the same time more violent, more warlike, because with violence and war there are always huge profits to be made) and cheaper to achieve.

1.) „You will possess nothing“ - and „you will be happy about it“.
2.) „The U.S. will not be the world's leading superpower.“
3.) „You will not die while waiting for an organ donor - the organs will be made by 3D printers.“
4.) „You will eat a lot less meat“ - meat will be „an occasional treat, not a staple, for the good of the environment and our health.“
5.) „A billion people will be displaced by climate change.“
6.) „Polluters will have to pay for emitting carbon dioxide. There will be a global price on carbon. This will help make fossil fuels a thing of the past.“
7.) „You could be preparing to go to Mars - scientists will have figured out how to stay healthy in space by then.“
8.) „Western values will have been strained to their breaking point.“ - „Checks and balances that underpin our democracies must not be forgotten.“

Communism for 99.99-99.9999% of all humans.

The „overcoming of man“. Everything clear? „I teach you the overman. Man is something that is to be overcome.“ (Friedrich Nietzsche, Also Sprach Zarathustra, 1883, S. 8 **). Translated by me.


Copied post in another thread.


Copied post in another thread.


NACH OBEN 1448) Kathrina, 26.03.2021, 00:23, 00:53; Kultur, 26.03.2021, 00:57 (8033-8039)


Said by the one who means by „philosophy“ personal attacks, ad hominems, trolling, stalking, and commanding communist ideology, which has nothing to do with philosophy. Wisdom and truth have to do with philosophy; so philosophy is something you know nothing about. You only know spreading communist ideology, communist commands, personal attacks, ad hominems, trolling, stalking.


The thoughts found on the following checklist are something everyone should think about first:


Think instead of let think!


Satyr wrote:

„But, at least, i paid the price, took the risks and affirmed life by having a child - even though it went against my reasoning and my constitution.
Yay saying did not suffice. I can say »yes« with words and then »no« with deeds - see how females behave.“ **

Yes. That's right.

How old were you when your child was born?
I was 21½ years old when my first child was born.

NACH OBEN 1449) Kathrina, 27.03.2021, 01:06, 03:45; 04:16; Great Again, 27.03.2021, 00:21; Kultur, 27.03.2021, 00:57 (8040-8043)


Topic: The Elements Fire, Earth, Air, Water.

This thread is about the four elements fire, earth, air, water, not only in the sense of astrology or healing in the sense of treating temperaments, but also in terms of the environment you were born into and the preference for certain environments, and the question of which ecotype you belong to or wish to belong to. So it's also a philosophy of climate, if you like.

„Fire, water, earth and air come together in my soul.“ - Jane.

Jane (Klaus Hesse, Martin Hesse, Peter Panka, Werner Nadolny), Fire, Water, Earth and Air, 1976.

Climate zones.

Klima       Klima

By the way: I prefer the landscape and the climate zone III 1 / III 2.

I know someone who grew up inland and still prefers the seascape or seaside to the landscape or countryside. Also, there are people who grew up in warm or hot climates and prefer to live in temperate, cold, or even very cold climates (mostly for reasons of living standards though). There are even more examples. But I don't want to list them, but to read them here.

Two poll options per user are allowed!


Topic: Are Protestants more Nihilistic than Catholics?

Is it true that Protestants are more nihilistic than Catholics?

Friedrich Nietzsche wrote:

„One should be harder on Protestants than on Catholics, harder on liberal Protestants than on strict believers. The criminality in Christianity increases as one approaches science.“

Source: Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, Der Antichrist, 1889, in: Werke, 6. Abteilung, 3. Band, S. 252 (Anhang) **) Translated by me.


Playing with the dog.



Sleyor Wellhuxwell wrote:

„The »overcoming of man«. Everything clear? »I teach you the overman. Man is something that is to be overcome.« (Friedrich Nietzsche, Also Sprach Zarathustra, 1883, S. 8 **). Translated by me.“ ** **

Okay, „overcoming of man“. But will it really be the overman who will overcome man, if man will be overcome at all?


NACH OBEN 1450) Kathrina, 28.03.2021, 01:06, 19:46, 20:46, 22:18 (8044-8047)


We are talking here about the philosophy of the elements, as it was transmitted to us by the Classics of Ancient Greece - Aristotle did add the ether as a fifth element to the older four elements, but that should only be of marginal interest to us here; besides, the ether is a special feature anyway.

It is not about the elements alone; it is also, and perhaps more, about how one lives in them, settles in, cares, whether one prefers to live in the warm or the cold, the dry or the wet.

Fire, Earth, Air, Water

The question of how great the number of elements is, ist quite irrelevant here. We should ask instead how the elements affect a person and in a person when they do it (because you can also deny that). So what you are talking about is pretty off-topic. Scientists have interests that often have not much to do with science. Science is as unreliable today as politics has been for some time. Also, as I said, the number of elements is not critical to what we are talking about here.

In this thread, it is also not of interest whether the string theory is a conspiracy theory, whether there are nine or eleven or even more different universes.


You (**) seem to confuse the thread with yourself and with your own evaluation of certain important things in life.

I am a dinosaur? No. If you already want to compare me with an animal that was very successful and still became extinct, then please compare me with a pterosaur, because I like flying, because I like dancing, and I feel like a hovering animal or angel in the air or in the water when I dance. Maybe you can also hover in the earth, but earth is denser than water, much denser than air, and even much denser than fire.


I do not need drugs, I need music - for flying and hovering in the air or swimming and hovering in the water.


See, when you get up in the morning thinking that you are going to go to the bakery because you live in an universe where there is also the element plasma, then your thinking is problematic: You have overstepped the mark, generalized so much and moved so far away from where you actually live. The thought of the universe and plasma does not help you in the concrete context of your everyday life.

Bring it down to earth!

We live here on our planet. I would say that the solar system is the natural environment for us humans in the widest sense, but in the narrower sense rather the planet Earth is the environment for us humans. We humans don't have an environment like the other creatures, but we have the world (as environment). Whether this is good or not, is relatively irrelevant, if one is busy with the everyday worries, caring and nursing and so on (this also applies the constant lying, cheating, vaccinating, getting ill, dying).

But the actual or everyday environment is our homeland, our home, the area where we feel comfortable. I, for example, feel most comfortable where the four "classical" elements occur in roughly equal measure, and that is the case in the areas III 1, III 2, III 3 and III 4 indicated in the map.


Dan~ wrote:

„Naw it's a good thread.“ **

Thank you, Dan~. Where do you live or/and like to live? Do you like it hot or cold, dry or wet? Which of the „classical“ elements do you prefer? Or do you feel (like I do) most comfortable where the four „classical“ elements occur in roughly equal measure?



For example, in Europe, particularly between 60th and 45th degrees north latitude and 10th degrees west and 20th degrees east longitude or, more climatologically said, in west-east direction between the atlantic climate and the western continental climate and in north-south direction between the south norwegian alpine and south swedish boreal climate (in each case inclusive) and the alpine climate (inclusive) or even a bit further to the south:

Europas Klimazonen

That's a very good place to live: not too hot, not too cold (but relatively cold, let's say: moderate), not too dry, not too wet (but relatively wet, let's say: moisty). Having moderate summers and moderate winters but still real seasons. That's fine. What I would miss at all if I had to live in areas with no or almost no seasons are just the seasons. I like the seasons very much, especially the two that provide the most visible change: spring and autumn.

The climate shapes!

The „classical“ elements - fire, earth, air, water - are in our soul.


I did not say that plasma has no effect, but according to habits of life this effect is not elemental (see: element!). In what way does plasma form your habits of life? It is too general and at the same time - scientifically speaking - too much concerned with physical-chemical things. But the classical elements - call them what you like (I find the words „fire“, „earth“, „air“ and „water“ most suitable for this, although they must not be taken very literally, but more metaphorically) - are something that makes you in your temperament (see temperature), what makes you in your motivation.

I don't know any „plasmatic“ person. Do you know such a person?

If I meant all this scientifically, I would have posted this in the subforum for natural science. I also do not mean it so much spiritually (see the subforum for religion and spirituality), but actually more philosophically, in a sense of existential philosophy, philosophy of life.

Somebody has a „fiery“, „earthy“, „airy“, „watery“ element, but not a „plasmatic“ one. The plasmatic is too cosmological to be considered as a „classical“ element. It has to do with cosmological (physical-chemical) processes in the universe and has so also to do with us in the natural sense, but nothing with the existence of the question where I can get rolls at half past two in the night.

Do you understand? I am not talking about natural things here, or only if they play a role for us in everyday life; I am also not talking about consumer things, because they do not facilitate life as such. I have to master life, to shape it, to lead it, and for this I do not need natural things as such, but only my will to live and my intention to lead my life where I can do it best. I need natural things for my natural part of my life but not for my life as a whole. I have a will to live and my intention to lead my life where I can do it best. I have a body, but even that body is pretty irrelevant when it comes to thoughts, provided I do not keep saying: "ah, I only have these thoughts because I have a body". Inorganic and even organic things are pretty irrelevant when it comes to thoughts themselves. Conversely, I am not saying that every physicist should consider that all that he does originally sprang from a thought and that this physicist must therefore now be a philosopher or nothing at all. A physicist must be allowed to remain a physicist within a certain framework.This seems to be self-evident to us, but the funny thing is that it does not seem to be self-evident the other way round: I do not have to think about physics all the time when I make a sandwich for my child or wipe the nose.